Ultra-high-pressure water jet / Hydroblasting

ultra-haute-pressionWe have several machines with 5000, 20 000, or 40 000 PSI jets capable of tackling even the largest cleaning and stripping jobs.

  • Fast
  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • No dust
  • Very powerful, capable of handling even the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Available on site or at the workshop

Water-free high-pressure jet

hautepression_sans-eauWe offer several eco-friendly water-free cleaning solutions that are suitable for indoor use, electrical or electronic equipment, and other applications where water can’t be used. These solutions include dry ice jets, dry steam jets, and jets that use several other media, such as sodium bicarbonate, plastic beads, and others.

  • Ideal for inside jobs
  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • Highly versatile
  • Solutions available for electronic equipment and other sensitive applications
  • Solutions for precision cleaning of fragile surfaces

Residue-free high-pressure jet

hautepression_sans-residusThe particles projected by the dry ice jet sublimate (evaporate instantly) without leaving any residue behind other than that from the cleaned surface. The dry steam jet is a non-abrasive solution that also evaporates without leaving any residue behind.

  • Doesn’t generate any residue other than that from the surface to be cleaned
  • Perfect for inside jobs
  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)

Decontamination / disinfection / sterilization

décontaminationWe offer a wide range of solutions for decontaminating lead, beryllium, mold, and asbestos, as well as a wide range of applications for the agricultural, food, and other industries.

  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • Fast
  • Doesn’t generate any residue
  • A wide variety of solutions available for fragile equipment or large surfaces

Surface preparation / stripping / roughening

preparation-de-surfaceNo matter what surface you want to prepare, we have the required expertise to determine the optimal medium, pressure, and application method to meet your needs.

  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • Fast
  • Highly versatile; adapted to the surface to be treated
  • Ensures excellent adhesion
  • Available on site or at the workshop

Surface restoration

restauration-de-surfaceWe’ve mastered the art of restoration! Our experts can determine the optimal restoration solution with minimal abrasion.

  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • Solutions depending on the surface to be treated
  • Available on site or at the workshop

Jet cutting and hydrodemolition

Coupe-au-jetOur 40,000 PSI water jet cutting equipment with abrasive powder can cut steel, wood, concrete, and many other surfaces.

  • Eco-friendly (no toxic chemicals)
  • No fire hazard
  • Minimizes dust
  • Available on site or at the workshop

Peelable paint

Peinture-pelableApplying peelable paint to surfaces that have to be treated regularly helps reduce future treatment times while leaving behind an attractive finish.

  • Significant cost reductions when regular treatment is required
  • Protects the treated surface and delays corrosion
  • Greatly improves appearance
  • Reduces surface treatment time


Technologies PC Triumph is the biggest high-pressure jet specialist in Québec. That’s why you can always count on us to get to work quickly with all the necessary equipment to carry out the job in the shortest possible time.

Much of our equipment has been developed within the context of our ongoing research and development program.

Here’s an overview of the equipment available for your projects:

  • Portable 40,000 PSI ultra-high-pressure water jet units with Cummins diesel engines
  • 40,000 PSI, 175 HP electric ultra-high-pressure water jet unit
  • Portable, gas-powered 5000 to 20,000 PSI high-pressure water jet units
  • Hybrid, high-pressure multi-media jet units
  • Dry steam jet units
  • Multi-media jet units
  • Over 15 high-pressure dry ice jet units
  • Dozens of specialized nozzles developed for specific jobs
  • Water filtration and recovery system
  • HEPA vacuum cleaners
  • High-performance Tiger Vac vacuum cleaners
  • Negative air pressure units