Conveyor Belt Rollers

An increasing number of our clients in the food sector have mentioned that the cleanliness of their factory has a significant influence on how many new customers they gain. You can count on Technologies PC Triumph’s dry ice cleaning processes to restore cleanliness. BENEFITS Eliminates the drudgery of cleaning No abrasives: safe for electrical devices and photocells Substantial reduction in maintenance Eliminates all allergens and [...]

Industrial Inkjet Residue Cleaning

BENEFITS Eliminates unplanned downtime caused by ink deposits on the equipment Regular or on-demand on-site service Cleans all surfaces, even the most fragile ones Respects the environment INDUSTRIAL INKJET RESIDUE CLEANING In most processes that use inkjets, residue from the ink is projected onto the equipment, such as conveyor belts, drive belts, and electronic equipment located nearby. Besides staining the neighbouring equipment, the ink is [...]

Heavy Machinery and Equipment Cleaning

BENEFITS Solutions for every cleaning problem Fast response time A wide range of possibilities: from cleaning of painted surfaces to stripping and surface preparation A reliable, experienced partner No risk to the environment HEAVY MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT CLEANING Technologies PC Triumph has the experience and the cutting-edge equipment required to clean most industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, presses, and assembly line equipment without damaging it. [...]

Production Equipment and Paint Room Cleaning

BENEFITS Flexibility: Cleaning directly on the production line is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, or at our workshop with our pick-up/drop-off service Maintenance programs available Complete cleaning without any risk to the surface No risk to the environment PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT CLEANING Technologies PC Triumph has developed several dry ice cleaning processes that can tackle even the biggest jobs without damaging [...]

Hot Residue Cleaning and Removal

BENEFITS Drastic reduction in the costs associated with replacing conveyor belts Significant reduction in downtime Cleaning directly on the production line; no need to move the equipment to be cleaned Service available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, on demand or as part of a maintenance plan No risk to the environment; no chemicals HOT RESIDUE CLEANING AND REMOVAL Technologies PC Triumph has developed [...]